Mission Statement

People who have an intellectual disability are often denied opportunity and excluded from the mainstream of community life. These practices have, consciously and unconsciously, shaped the attitudes and values of community members. As a result we must now "bend over backwards” to reverse these negative and uncertain responses by ensuring that all citizens with developmental handicaps are provided with opportunities for challenge and meaningful involvement in the day to day life of their community.

That communities offer all people equal opportunity, full participation, respect and value as individuals.


  • To promote and to protect the rights of individuals.
  • To encourage and support parent to parent involvement.
  • To support and to provide opportunities for community involvement in valued roles.
  • To promote and to stand with individuals and families in obtaining appropriate services and supports
  • To encourage and support community awareness, through public education of the issues facing people who have been devalued.


We believe that….

  • All human life has equal value and should therefore be accorded equal treatment.
  • All people, regardless of degree of disability, should live in and be part of their community.
  • Each individual is capable of growth, development and meaningful participation in the community.
  • Individuals should have a wide range of life choices.
  • Each individual should be supported according to their specific needs.
  • Control over the lives of individuals should rest largely with themselves.
  • Individuals should be supported and served in the most integrative (least restrictive) environment.
  • People who have been devalued in our society should be accorded a valued standard of living.
  • Communities share in the responsibility of including and supporting all their citizens.

Our Goal: That Communities offer all people equal opportunity, full participation, respect and value as individuals.