Legacy Supports

A significant number of our members are older families who are planning ahead for the time when they are no longer able to support their sons and daughters at home. In response, Legacy Supports was implemented in January 2005, to supplement and enhance the natural supports provided to people by families and friends:

•  To develop plans for the future.
•  To foster and nurture their support circles
•  To secure the necessary resources to implement their plans.
•  To live in homes of their own.
•  To recruit, train, and supervise support workers and housemates.
•  To foster and support active community involvement.

All people want good things in their lives such as love, family, friends, meaning, belonging, home, and security. Legacy Supports is a vehicle through which our sons and daughters are assisted in having access to the good things in life. We want our Legacy to be that the necessary supports, natural or paid, are provided seamlessly in such a way that our sons and daughters will have the kind of life they would have had were we to live forever.


BDACI’s approach to Legacy Supports is guided by the following beliefs:
•  That all people are unique and have their own likes, dislikes, gifts and needs.
    Consequently, support must be uniquely responsive and individualized.
•  That all people need to feel that they are contributing members of their community
    and deserve to be treated with respect.
•  That self-respect is dependent on the influence people have over their own lives.
•  That people with intellectual disabilities develop relationships with other citizens when they are included
    in the life of the community.
•  That the need for a home is universal but the need for care and support is individual and must be designed
   for and toed to the person, not the home.
•  That home is created by the person, from the heart, with help of family and friends who know the person well.
•  That all people must have at least one person who loves them and is involved in their lives.
•  That safety and security does not form formal structures but from the people who freely
    and from the commitment they have to the well-being of those people.
•  That planning for the future is an essential component of ensuring a good life.
For more information contact  Betty Daley  at (613) 345-4092

"We want our daughter to be part of her community and to be supported to have control over her life”
Irene & Henry Horbay

Our Goal: That Communities offer all people equal opportunity, full participation, respect and value as individuals.