Inclusive Education

We oppose segregation and ensure that families receive our unmitigated support to resist it.

We believe that all people should have access to the good things in life such as growing up within a loving family; going to your neighborhood school with your siblings and friends; being known and involved in your community life; having a real home; having a real job with real pay.

We believe that inclusion happens when a community decides that it will do its best to ensure that every one of its members feels welcome, valued and respected.

We believe that inclusive education involves the clear and unconditional acceptance of all the children, in all their diversity, so that they learn together, with and from each other. Willing teachers receive whatever support they need so that all of their students reach the highest possible, individualized academic and social learning goals. Each child is unique and individual differences are welcomed, accommodated and celebrated.

Inclusive education means better outcomes:
An inclusive school system ensures that each student can participate in the classroom and in the community in positive and contributing ways.

Inclusive education means no more segregation:
BDACI knows that segregation of people with disabilities causes harm and we believe that it cannot be tolerated. We pledge to provide information, support, planning and advocacy so that families resist segregation in area schools.

Inclusive education means all students benefit:
We know, and research supports the fact that classroom instruction is enriched and more effective for everyone when it is designed to meet the needs of students of all abilities.

Inclusive education means defending human rights:
BDACI pledges to continue the years of advocacy by families across Ontario that have produced human rights and education policy changes. Our goal is to ensure that all schools respect the individual rights of all students and to ensure that all parents know and uphold their children's rights. By law parents are to be consulted as full partners in their children's education. We pledge to ensure that this happens for all families that partner with us as an Association.

Inclusive education means helping families to envision inclusive education for their children and help them to make it a reality.

We pledge to assist families to have high hopes for their children's futures by developing clear values so that they are able to decide what actions are most important and to find allies who work towards the same goals.

Inclusive education means working together as networks with our allies:
Collectively, families need to demand system change so that inclusive education is a reality.
We know how essential networks can be and we pledge to help students with disabilities and their families find allies who are involved now in improving our community schools.

Approved by the BDACI Board of Directors January 26, 2009.

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Our Goal: That Communities offer all people equal opportunity, full participation, respect and value as individuals.