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Rachel's Story

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Kathy Senneker tells the story of her daughter Rachel's short but valuable life. It is about one mother's journey of self-discovery. Kathy herself acknowledges that it was a journey that she never thought possible in those early days of her daughters' existence. Rachel bought out Kathy's quality of inner strength, determination and above all, the realization of an indescribable love for a child that so deeply affected her own concept of the meaning of life.

It is also an inspiring story for all the other families going through a similar set of circumstances when one of their children has been identified as having an intellectual disability. To those parents whose children have particularly complex needs, including medical ones, it is an especially compelling story that Kathy relates. With her unique style and her incredible recall of the physical, emotional and psychological details, both negative and possible, Kathy tells a story that will strike a chord with many parents. However, beyond any tears that may be elicited, Rachel's life story illustrates how successful and uplifting inclusion and participation of a person with disability in family, in school, in church, and in the community can be, and how it can be easier to accomplish than one might imagine.
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Gordon Ferguson has it made. He has a loving wife, great friends, his own home, memories of jobs he has enjoyed, retirement, and an impact on his community that is the envy of many. But it did not start that way. Born with a developmental disability, Gordon was institutionalized for 16 years of his youth. How do you survive being locked up in an institution to end decades later with a life rich in accomplishments, friendships and meaning? 

That is Gordon’s story – told to friends so we can all share in the many lessons of a man who has lived his life to the fullest.


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